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Hiring Management Consultants

  There are many sound reasons for members of the executive leadership team of an organization to retain the services of an experienced management consulting firm. That said, the principals of the Wass Consulting Group, Inc. understand that the motivation behind such a decision may be quite unique to a given situation, and can even be quite personal.

  In our experience, prospective clients typically face a challenge (or opportunity) of significant consequence to their enterprise. They exhibit a will to prevail in the marketplace, and therefore desire to leverage one or more of the following traits of a reputable management consulting firm:

  • Fresh Thinking
  • Proven Analytical Tools & Techniques
  • Objectivity
  • Outside Perspective
  • Credibility with Board, Regulators or Government
  • Seasoned Manpower
  • Urgency, Focus to Efforts
  • Strong Project Management & Facilitation
  • Access to Benchmarks, Best Practices
  • Industry or Marketplace Knowledge

  One particular benefit of our involvement is the quality of facts and opinions gathered, from both inside and outside your firm. Frankly, as trusted "middlemen", people tend to open up to us in ways they never would with corporate line management.

  The publication Consultant News by KIRG stated in a recent article that "the most popular reasons clients hire consultants are to tap into new thinking and to get an outsider's perspective on company issues."

  We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss confidentially any circumstance challenging your company.

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