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"Wass Consulting Group Joins with Trenkle and Associates "
Released:                                                   09/23/2004
Location:                                                    Naperville, IL
For additional information contact:                Leonard R. Wass

Following a number of high profile cases in both industry and government where culture was identified as a root cause of a variety of problems, the need to reconsider the impact that a company/organization's culture has on its performance has never been greater. To address and help resolve this important issue, the Wass Consulting Group has teamed with Trenkle and Associates of Farmington Hills, Michigan to help our clients “improve business results through cultural change”.

As a collaborative initiative with combined resources that are unique, the Wass/Trenkle group of companies are true innovators in this field. Through this collaboration, we have developed a unique and proprietary Performance Scan that enables top management to readily identify the current state of its organizational culture and to identify its specific strengths and weaknesses. This enables top management to take targeted actions to improve those cultural and business attributes that will have the greatest impact on business results. This puts management in the driver's seat by providing them with the information needed to decide upon and begin targeted performance improvements. Skilled and experienced professionals support these efforts, complementing existing organization resources to move toward better results at a very high tempo of improvement. Until the Wass/Trenkle initiative was launched, management had no reliable way to tackle the monumental task of energizing the corporate culture to improve business results. Our approach lets management focus on key aspects of their business and culture, and identifies the actionable improvements that bear directly on their business results.

Our unique blend of skilled and mature consultants provides an array of proven consulting tools, techniques, methodologies, and mixture of proprietary assessment tools and approaches. We provide an extraordinarily accurate method for determining if cultural or business change is required, the extent of such change, and where such changes should be best applied. We combine the well researched and documented survey methodology, organizational diagnosis, and organizational development consulting capabilities of Trenkle and Associates with the more traditional general management consulting experience and knowledge of the Wass Consulting Group. This provides our clients with the skill and experience needed to diagnose and implement cultural transformation that results in improved business performance.

A further explanation of the Wass/Trenkle Performance Scan and our capabilities to address cultural issues will be available at our website ( www.wcginc.com ) in a series of five Management Insight articles in the coming weeks. Please feel free to view them there, or to contact:

Leonard R. Wass ( lwass@wcginc.com ) Wass Consulting Group, Inc. (630) 637-1405

John F. Trenkle ( jftrenkle@aol.com ) John F. Trenkle & Associates, Inc. (800) 929-5380

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