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Vermont Electric Power Company


The Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO), the first ever transmission only company in the United States, provides transmission services to the entire State of Vermont. Its owners/members include all five investor-owned/private utilities, all seventeen Municipal/ Public Power/Coop utilities, plus several out-of-state participant members.

The overall objective of the work was to study, design, and implement a program to achieve efficiencies through implementation of best practices, and to help minimize electric utility costs within the State of Vermont while maintaining reliability and quality of service. WCG's work objectives and scope included optimizing synergies and efficiencies within VELCO, between VELCO and the distribution utilities, and among the member distribution companies.

Working closely with several joint teams made up of personnel from both VELCO and member utilities, WCG led the development of numerous conclusions and recommendations in several areas, including:

  • VELCO's Vision, Mission, and Operating Philosophy  
  • Board Oversight and Management of Capital Projects
  • T&D Control/Dispatch Consolidation  
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Sub-transmission Integration  
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications  
  • Power Accounting  
  • Human Resources Issues

A number of substantial savings/cost reduction opportunities were identified as part of the various recommendations.

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