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  After many years of providing management consulting assistance to senior executives, we find that the value added resulting from our involvement arises in three distinct areas:

  First, the specific goals of the engagement are reached. We term this "getting the job done", and it goes almost without saying - this is why our client hired us.

  Second, the overall engagement is completed quicker and the deliverables are of higher quality than if internal resources alone were utilized. Time is money, and the time spent in taking client staff away from their normal responsibilities and gearing up to manage a consulting assignment from scratch is rarely an effective use of time. Client feedback also tells us that the quality of the work produced is superior, in that:

  • Recommendations are more thoroughly synthesized and simplified, boiled down to their essence, and crisply documented and articulated
  • Key executives and management better understand and have a stronger command of the recommendations and supporting rationale, analysis and data
  • Implementation steps are be more focused and clearly laid out, with measurable progress milestones and checkpoints identified and scheduled

  When improved timeliness and more direct, clear-cut recommendations and implementation plans are factored in, our involvement often reduces the overall cost of the engagement.

  Third, a number of other attendant benefits often accrue to our clients, including:

  • Client managers and employees are exposed to the discipline inherent with our consulting process, gain familiarity with analytical tools and techniques utilized on the project, and thus become more valuable to the client company
  • Client executives gain the benefit of external insight and experience
  • Client executives may find the Board of Directors more supportive of a course of action jointly developed with knowledgeable and respected outside management consultants

  Finally, the relationship of trust between client and consultant that often develops throughout the course of an engagement can lead to the client's better understanding of the capabilities of his or her management/leadership team.

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