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  The Wass Consulting Group, Inc. (WCG) leverages a broad array of capabilities as we deliver a wide range of services to our clients:

General Management Consulting Services:

  • Business Strategy Development, Clarification, and Implementation - including validation of coherence between enterprise/corporate and discrete business unit strategies
  • Organizational Structure Definition and Alignment with Strategy & Goals
  • Corporate Mission, Vision, and Governance matters
  • Corporate Legal Entity Structure changes - aggregation/disaggregation, privitization, responses to competitive threats, and the creation of new companies and operating units. Focus is delivery of functional, successful entities with strong leadership.
  • External Reconnaissance - such as external benchmarking, competitive analysis, and market pressure/trends identification
  • Merger Analysis, Planning and Integration - including due diligence studies, value equation definition and validation, and integration facilitation
  • Business Process Transformation & Re-engineering - with attention to achieving quantum leaps in effectiveness and productivity, through new paradigms and fresh thinking rather than simply cost-cutting
  • Operational Improvements - on issues of significant consequence, including management, production, distribution channels and operation
  • Market Entry Analysis & Facilitiation - including domestic and international markets. For Pacific Rim and Asian markets we operate in close concert with our strategic partner Vance Chan Associates in Singapore.
  • Engineering, Work and Maintenance Program Improvement
Executive Search Services - focused on key senior executive positions, in energy and related industries
Employee Financial Education - develop and deliver customized employee personal financial and retirement planning programs, positioned as a valuable corporate sponsored employee benefit
Litigation Support Services
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