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  Although each engagement conducted by the Wass Consulting Group, Inc. (WCG) is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the client and their organization, a crisply defined and articulated strategy is either the end objective for the engagement itself, or a key foundational element and critical success factor for many other management consulting assignments. Answering the following questions can help assess the value and timeliness of your current strategy as well as help identify areas requiring management focus:

  • Have we set a sound overall business strategy for our enterprise?
  • Do viable acquisitions exist that would help us achieve needed scale?
  • Are divestitures needed to help focus the enterprise, or to free up capital for other uses?
  • Are we organized to execute on our strategy in a particularly effective manner?
  • Is our business structure and approach to governance appropriate given our strategy and executive management talent?
  • Are we "world class" where we need to be? When compared to the best, do our key business processes enable us to operate particularly effectively and efficiently?
  • Do our compensation and incentive plans, particularly for our senior leadership team, drive performance appropriately?
  • Where are we most "exposed", either to competitors or technology or with our clients, and what can be done about it?
  • How can we make the most of future acquistions?
  • Where can we improve effectiveness and/or contain costs?

  In many cases, a brief "reconnaisance survey" conducted by senior WCG personnel can help tightly focus the work that follows, leading to higher quality joint recommendations, shorter implementation timeframes and benefit realization, and stronger "buy-in" throughout the client organization.

  WCG believes that superior strategy consulting support is characterized by:

  • Respect for the unique, unprecedented challenges faced today by Executive Management and Boards of Directors
  • Seasoned, objective, and appropriately experienced consultants capable of working well with client internal resources and quickly adding value
  • Integration of appropriate and visible client senior management sponsorship, support and participation in the effort
  • Crisply defined and tightly managed scope, objectives, work effort and schedule
  • Insightful, thoughtful recommendations that are widely agreed with, and that can be implemented by the client with little ongoing assistance from consultants
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