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  The stakes for many executives have rarely been higher. Success takes the right mix of strategy, talent, teamwork, and execution - and there won't be a "second chance" to get it right.

  The Wass Consulting Group, Inc. (WCG) is traditionally employed by Boards of Directors, Chief Executive Officers, and other senior business executives on issues of significant strategic consequence to the business. We bring a healthy pragmatism to our practice and are fully committed to the business and market success of our clients, as measured by shareholder value. Some highlights:

  • Select group of proficient and seasoned consultants
  • Difficult management concerns solved through fresh thinking, proven management techniques, and innovative solutions
  • Reputation for objectivity and independence, while working well with internal company resources
  • Substantial experience and perspective that is highly relevant to today's pressing challenges
  • Practical, actionable solutions
  • Focus on Business Strategy, Organization, Key Business Processes, Cost Management, and Executive Search
  WCG delivers the highest possible value through service that is:
  • Particularly sensitive to the risks and pressures placed on Boards of Directors and their executive management teams
  • Meticulously attentive to detail
  • Characterized by sound judgment, maturity and experience
  • Close and personalized for a limited number of clients
  • Timely and cost effective
  With the Wass Consulting Group, you will always benefit from seasoned consultants, efficient work of the highest integrity, and direct partner involvement.
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