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FirstEnergy Corp. is the owner-operator of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station (DBNPS) through its subsidiary FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company. Following a two-year extended shutdown of DBNPS, the Wass Consulting Group was hired by the Shareholders' Derivative Claim Review Committee (Committee) of FirstEnergy's Board of Directors to provide an independent evaluation of plaintiff allegations pertaining to the oversight of DBNPS that were contained in a shareholders' derivative lawsuit brought against FirstEnergy's Board of Directors.

Working with the Committee and its legal counsel (Dilworth Paxson LLP), WCG reviewed the plaintiff's allegations in detail; thoroughly researched the record pertaining to the events and actions leading to and surrounding the shutdown, and subsequent recovery efforts; and conducted numerous interviews of present and past members of FirstEnergy's Board, FirstEnergy's employees, and various knowledgeable outsiders.

Using an evaluation standard of Reasonable and Prudent Industry Standard, WCG compared each of the numerous and wide-ranging allegations to facts developed in the case and findings reached in the process. Finally, we prepared and delivered an Expert Report to the Committee for its consideration.


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